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Conference “Professional Women’s Territory” – 2017, Part 3


The conference was devoted to the empowerment of Russian-speaking women and discussion of work experience and dilemmas among specialists. The conference also touched on the issues of combating the culture of violence, awareness of both the messages of the society and internalized messages and the exchange of experience and understanding of the social and psychological reality. Ella Berczanski is a psychologist at the Center for Teenagers and Psychological Services, leading women’s groups: “Internalized predators or 03” This conference was initiated by Ella Berczanski, Anna Talisman and Asya Istoshina, the founders of the feminist group “League”. It will be held with the active participation of the association “Our Heritage – Democratic Charter (Morashteinu)”. The conference is held with the support of the US Embassy, ​​and in cooperation with the Tel Aviv Municipality.


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