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Social Justice

social protest-2“Our Heritage – the Charter for Democracy” supports the demand of civil society in Israel for social and economic justice, especially for middle and lower strata of our society. The large part of the Russian-speaking community belongs to the lowest “deciles”. We struggle against the vast gap between the rich and the poor, which became a norm in Israeli society. The origin of this gap lies not only in the economic policy of the government but also in the lack of definite social priorities. Such situation causes the law socio-economic status of the “Russian” community and also perpetuates it. We urge the government to set distinct priorities for lessening social inequality. It is a right road to building fare and healthy society in Israel.

The Russian-speaking community suffers from the lack of social housing and pensionary provision, from unemployment, from insufficient level of education, etc. Israeli society as a whole is affected by these problems but some of them are more critical just for repatriates. We are in need of well considered social policy in order to improve the condition of all weak strata of population including the repatriates community. Therefore the participation of Russian-speakers in the protest campaign is really urgent.

We strive to draw the masses of “Russian” population in the movement for social justice.  Regretfully, the demand for social justice that has spread after the mass protests of summer 2011 did not penetrate yet into the minds of the Russian-speaking population. One of our goals is to make this call popular in this community, to carry it to headlines of the Russian-language media.

The main arena of all these activities – the civil society – is not enough familiar to the bulk of repatriates. But only on this arena it is possible to challenge the fallacious policy of our government, to change substantially socio-economic condition of the most of repatriates. We try to make these people believe in their strength, in their ability to influence the decision-makers and to improve the situation in the country.

Lately we witness progress on the “Russian street”. People are more and more disappointed with those who in the past enjoyed their full confidence. Social awareness of the Russian-speaking population grows, as well as discontent.

We strive to stimulate the vast and active participation of this sector in the life of civil society. We work in co-operation with other organizations and public leaders with the aim to improve the condition of repatriates.

Practical activity in the field of social protest

We collaborate with the civil society organizations seeking for contacts with the masses of repatriates in order to draw them in social protest. “Our Heritage” is the member of such joint movements as “Voting for social budget”, “Movement for direct employment”. We struggle together for solving the problems of employment, housing, pensions and education.

We conduct conferences and other events in order to rise awareness of Russian-speakers of social protest, of means and ways to improve the socio-economic condition of repatriates.

“Accent” is a new group of Russian-speaking social activists which works for the sake of solving social problems specific for this community. At the same time “Accent” aims at drawing the members of “Russian” community into the general Israeli movement of social protest.

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