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Morashtenu in the Media

The activities of the «Our Heritage –The Charter for Democracy” NGO are in the focus of mass-media in both Russian and Hebrew. This intent attention makes us proud, it makes us feel still more responsible for each our project, each meeting that we organize, each lecture that we deliver.

In this section you will read the articles written about us, you will watch our leaders’ and activists’ appearances on the 9-th Channel TV. You will also acquaint with different programs of social television covering “Our Heritage” activities.

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כתבות בעברית Пресса на Русском




Eddie Zhensker. (HaAretz) The Gideon Levy’s article “We all are Miri Regev” (Haaretz, 22.12.13) stroke with ...

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Lili Galili. More than 2,000 Russian-speaking Arabs live in Israel, most of them graduates of universities ...

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