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Between Moscow and Tel Aviv – the Boundaries of the Freedom of Speech

Last week Morashtenu (Our Heritage) and ReLevant-info organized Media conference – “Between Moscow and TA – the Boundaries of freedom of Speech” (Photos)

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Topic: Freedom of journalism and alternative mass media in Russia and Israel through the eyes of leading journalists of both countries.

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Freedom of Speech is the right of a person to freely express his or her thoughts.In the present time, it includes the freedom of expression in writing, as well as orally. In Russia in 2015 journalist, as many claim, are not free in expressing of their opinions. That is why it can constitute a kind of a “mirror” for what is going on today in the Israeli journalism.  The status of a journalist weakens; journalists are becoming targets of public attacks; money and power are putting all the efforts into turning the media into private business by trying to silence those who do not agree, including closing various media channels.

The conference organized by Morashteinu was a very significant event dedicated to an extremely important and vital issue of threats to the freedom of speech and journalism. The prominent Israeli journalists shared their opinion alongside with the famous Russian journalists who came to Israel during the last two years – Olga Bakushinskaya and David Khomak, who spoke about the oppression of freedom of speech by Putin’s regime in Russia, as well as the famous Israeli Russian speaking journalists.

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