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Dr. Alla Shainskaya – Chair-person


Dr. Dina Zisserman-Brodsky – Vice Chair-person

Yosi Ben-Basat – Chairman of the supervising committee

Lili Galili


Lily Galili is a Haaretz correspondent, analyst on Israeli society and an expert on immigration from the former Soviet Union, and its political, cultural and social impact on Israeli society.During the first Lebanon war, when she was the first woman reporter to enter Lebanon, Galili gained vast experience in covering both military and civil protest groups, a field of expertise that reflects all changes in Israeli social and political development. Over the years. she has extensively covered the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with a focus on personal stories, and the Arab citizens of Israel. Galili is a Nieman Fellow from Harvard and a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, with a Master’s Degree in communicaton. One of her well known book is “A Million That Changed the Middle East”.


Ex-MK Mossi Raz




Born in Jerusalem, Raz studied economics and accounting at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and chaired the Council for Students’ Associations. After finishing university, he worked as an accountant. Raz is a Major (reserves) in the IDF.[1] A well-known activist, Raz has served as secretary general of Peace Now and director of the non-profit organisation Ir Shalem. For the 1999 Knesset elections Raz was placed 11th on the Meretz list,[2] but missed out on a seat when they won only 10 mandates. However, he entered the Knesset on 25 February 2000 as a replacement for Haim Oron. He won eighth place on the party’s list for the 2003 elections,[3] but lost his seat when the party was reduced to six seats. Raz was placed 10th on the list for the 2006 elections,[4] but the party won only five seats. Prior to the 2009 elections he won fourth place on the Meretz list.[5] In 2009, Raz became a member of the board of directors for Transport Today and Tomorrow, an organization based in Tel Aviv that promotes the usage and expansion of sustainable transportation in Israel. His position as a board member of TTT is a result of his prior commitment to environmental issues. Sustainable transportation is becoming an increasingly important issue in Israel and Transport Today and Tomorrow is at the forefront of the drive to make Israel’s use of transportation more environmentally friendly. In 2010, Raz became the chairman of Life and Environment, the umbrella organization for the environmental movement in Israel.


Ex-MK Nino Abesadze



Born in Tbilisi in the Soviet Union (today in Georgia), Abesadze graduated from the Film School at the Open University of Georgia, before studying for degrees in Russian literature and linguistics at Tbilisi State University. At the age of 23 she began working for Georgian State Television, becoming the presenter of the evening news two years later. Her mother and three sisters had immigrated to Israel after her father died in 1980, settling in Rehovot, and later Ashdod. Abesadze remained in Georgia, and in the 1990s began a relationship with Baruch Ben-Neria, the Israeli ambassador to Georgia and Armenia from 1993 until 1996. She moved to Israel in 1996 and worked on Russian language programmes for Channel 33, before joining a Russian language newspaper. A member of Kadima, she was on the party’s list for the 2009 Knesset elections, but was not high enough on the list to win a seat. However, she entered the Knesset on 9 November 2010 as a replacement for Tzachi Hanegbi,[1] who had been convicted of a crime (perjury) deemed to be of moral turpitude, thereby losing his seat.[2] Shortly before the 2013 elections Abesadze left Kadima to join the Labor Party.[


David Waisberg

Ilan Baruch


Ambassador (ret.) Ilan Baruch is currently the policy advisor for MK Zehava Galon, Chairperson of MERETZ. He resigned from the MFA on grounds of principle on March 1st 2011, after 36 years of diplomatic career. It included overseas postings in Asia, Europe and Africa. Head-quarter postings: Founder/Director of the Palestinian Autonomy department, Head – Coordination of the Multilateral Peace Process and Head – Middle East division for Economic Cooperation. Baruch was a team member of the Israeli delegation to the Oslo Peace negotiations, and participated in various negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, Jordan and Egypt on economic agreements. His last posting overseas was Ambassador of Israel to South Africa, as well as Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Since his early retirement, Baruch is devoting his time and experience to projects in public diplomacy, is running a weekly program at the “All for Peace” radio and occasionally contributes columns of political analysis in different media outlets in Israel and abroad. Baruch is currently a member of the Steering Committee and the Policy Committee of the Peace NGOs Forum – a joint Israeli-Palestinian activist operation, is an editorial board member of the Palestine Israel Journal and co-founder of a new cultural center start-up, the Palestine House in TLV.

Pesah Hagar


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