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The Peace Process

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The “Our Heritage – The Charter for Democracy” Association stands for fare solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the basis of “Two states for two nations”. Only peace agreement will bring peace and security to both nations.

We believe that current situation, in the lack of genuine peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors, causes constant damage to Israeli democracy and prevents progress of Israeli society according to the principles of justice and solidarity. The lack of peaceful settlement endangers the future of Israel as the state of Jewish people. Therefore peaceful agreement and stopping of occupation are in best interests of our country.

Community of repatriates from FSU is considered today as inclined against the peace process. This image is only partially true. We do everything to change it by trying to influence the public opinion within the community towards the peace process.

Today among the Russian-speakers there are many activists, mostly young people, struggling for peaceful settlement. In the meantime these youth are minority in our community but their number grows constantly and it is not possible to ignore them neither in media nor in the public field.

“Our Heritage – The Charter for Democracy” aims at turning the peace discourse to the dominant one in the Russian community. We deliver objective information on the topic to both broad audience and mass media in order to reduce alienation and hostility towards the peace process in our community and to arouse massive support for fair and durable settlement of the conflict.

At our site you will find publications covering the problems of the peace process, the difficulties on the way to peace and the mean to overcome these difficulties. You will be able to watch the events we organize and also to fill in and to participate in the events.


Practical activity backing the peace process.


Series of lectures. We conduct series of lectures in the cities and towns with high concentration of Russian-speakers. Our competent and experienced lecturers throw light upon the roots of the conflict, upon the history of Israeli-Palestinian relations, elucidate current situation and possible ways of settling the conflict.

Meetings with Palestinians. We carry out regularly meetings between Russian-speaking Israelis and the Palestinians who can speak Russian. In the PA territory now live about 12,500 persons having a good command of Russian. These are Palestinians who studied at the universities in Russia and FSU, many of them married there and returned to Palestine with their spouses. We keep in touch with these families, meet with them in order to discuss in what we are common and in what differ, and how people knowing Russian from both sides can promote peace between our nations. Such meetings in the “people diplomacy” format are helpful for destroying stereotypes and building confidence.

Excursions. We organize tours for Russian-speakers to Palestinian cities and backwoods, and also to the disputable regions. The aim of these excursions is to show the reality of the conflict by “close shot”, to familiarize the participants with the situation in the field and with the people living there, to disclose the true nature of relations between the State of Israel and settlers on the one hand and Palestinians on the other hand.    

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