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Fight Against Racism

unite-against-racismOur Heritage – the Charter for Democracy” strives for promoting the values of democracy and human rights in the Russian-speaking community of Israel. At the same time our association struggles against all cases of racism and discrimination on the ethnic and cultural grounds in the Israeli public life. Hostility towards the other and alien, discrimination and harassment undermine our democracy and, more specifically, allow prejudices to dominate the inter-communal dialogue – the thing that damages social solidarity.

The public discourse in Israel is marked today by growing nationalistic radicalism, by attempts at antidemocratic legislation, by endless discussions on who is the Jew, to say nothing about lingering over the problem of refugees and economic migrants. One must say that the Russian-speaking community, which often becomes victim of racism, is not itself free from tints of racism and xenophobia towards other communities of Israel.

We suppose that any attempt to present the Russian-speaking community only as an “aggressor” or only as a victim in its relations with other communities in our country distorts the real picture of Israeli public life and does not bring us closer to the desired goals.

For many years our association stays on the front-line of struggle against racism and incitement which not infrequently come from the Russian-language mass media, from politicians and public opinion molders of the repatriates’ community. We criticize without hesitation, if it is necessary, the community we belong to, we condemn racists and instigators in our midst and struggle for eradication of these shameful phenomena. With the same resolution we oppose all manifestations of racism against the community of repatriates.


Practical activity in combating racism         

We act in mass media and on the public arena with the aim to draw public attention, as well as the attention of politicians, researchers and journalists to the problem of racism. For this purpose we organize public events and conferences for defense of democracy, pluralism and human rights, against all phenomena which contradict these values and endanger Israeli society. In addition to this we conduct meetings for discussing specific cases of racism, xenophobia, religious intolerance and discrimination as well as political and social trends favoring these cases. We do not content ourselves with analyses of such phenomena but try to elaborate concrete measures for struggling against discrimination and creating atmosphere of tolerance and true civil equality.

Our association is a member of the “Headquarters for combating racism”, we coordinate our activities with the “Headquarters” and other organizations collaborating in it in order to eliminate everything that contradicts the ideal of peaceful, pluralistic and tolerant society.

Every year our association publishes detailed document on the racist incidents against the repatriates from the FSU in different spheres of life. Such document serves as part of the “Headquarters for combating racism” report, which is yearly presented in the course of the special meeting of the Lobby against racism in the Knesset.

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