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“Our Heritage – The Charter for Democracy” is an NGO of the Russian-speaking Israelis which acts for the purpose of building in our country civil society based on democracy, justice and tolerance, with equal rights for all its citizens. On this premise we aspire to the Russian-speaking community which will be open and pluralistic, which will adopt the values of social justice and solidarity and will take active part in the public life of our state.

“Our Heritage” advances the discourse of tolerance among Russian-speakers and strives to be one of the leading and substantial organizations acting in this field.



The Monster on the Hill

Uri Avnery   This week we had several scandals to occupy us. Ehud Olmert, a former prime ...

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Eddie Zhensker. (HaAretz) The Gideon Levy’s article “We all are Miri Regev” (Haaretz, 22.12.13) stroke with ...

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