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1. Active and uncompromised struggle against all forms of anti-social behavior within or towards the Russian-speaking community: racialism and xenophobia, discrimination and rights infringement on ethnic, communal, religious, gender or any other ground.

2. Detailed and profound explanation of the background and actual status of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to Russian-speaking public with the aim to promote change in public opinion regarding the peace process and to increase support for the peaceful settlement of the conflict.

3. Creating a network of Russian-speaking public activists, feeling responsibility for the fate of their community with its unique collective identity and acting for promotion of social justice and solidarity.


The Monster on the Hill

Uri Avnery   This week we had several scandals to occupy us. Ehud Olmert, a former prime ...

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Eddie Zhensker. (HaAretz) The Gideon Levy’s article “We all are Miri Regev” (Haaretz, 22.12.13) stroke with ...

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Lili Galili. More than 2,000 Russian-speaking Arabs live in Israel, most of them graduates of universities ...

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